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Brandi Galuzzi

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Hope against hope till the day breaks

I continued in the inking process of one version of my calligraphy. I unfortunately decided to work on it at my studio where I don't have a calligraphy pen and ink, so i just used a felt tip pen. I would like to try actually calligraphing it later. Most often when I do hand drawn type, I end up drawing it so this was good practice for learning how to clean it up in Photoshop. I'd love any critique at this point. Thanks!

Here are my updated sketches as of Friday Jan 17... Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm trying to decide which slightly different version is the direction I want to move with pen.

This is one of my favorite quotes by the author AW Tozer...and also happens to be something I've considered for some ink. We'll see.

Today I did some loose sketches of layouts. I might do more before I start refining...


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