Hope Your Birthday is En Point

Hope Your Birthday is En Point - student project

Hope Your Birthday is En Point - image 1 - student projectI am an artist in multiple mediums and one of those is food. I am a chef, culinary instructor and pastry artist. I do a lot of parties, custom cakes and dessert buffets. I was thinking about what might be the next trend for little girl's birthday, after all the unicorns, flamingos, sloths, and narwhals, (personally I will never get tired of narwhals). I decided to play with the idea of a ballerina ostrich. I love ostriches amazing feathers and crazy large eyes with long lashes. I am sure, as a child of the 60's, I was influenced both by Disney's Fantasia, and Swiss Family Robinson. I chose a play on words, using a French ballet term. I am designing a whole party set around this theme, plates, napkins, cups, center pieces, banners, and wrapping paper. I did both a smooth vector fill background, and a textured gouache background. Let me know which you prefer, and any other feedback is definitely welcome. 

Leslie Riley
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