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Hope Family Crest

Okay, so for this project I wanted to focus on my immediate family. Just me, my wife and my 5 kids. I didn't want to dwell in either of our families since I probably would get a headache going back in my family tree. With this crest I wanted to focus on a couple of things:

  • The flag of the city of Chicago. 2 blue bars, 4 red stars. This is essentially the birthpace of our family
  • Anchors. U.S. Navy veteran. 11 years served. 'nuff said.
  • Sledgehammers. We're stubborn and hard-headed, a couple of people with rocks in their head. So what do you use to break rocks?
  • A pencil. My main weapon when I want to create something on paper.
  • A championship belt. We're very competitive. Plus, we're HUGE pro wrestling fans (we're always watching WWE).

I didn't sketch anything (shockingly) and did this right on the computer. I wanted to incorporate most of everything I listed and hopefully do a good job doing it. And from there I created this:




I went straight black and white on this one (will come up with color later) and did a pentagon for the shield to incorporate the size of the family. It's also represented by the stars on each side, I used them instead of a normal laurel. Inside of the shield I put the Chicago flag, a pencil, a championship belt and two anchors (clockwise from left) with the sledgehammers at the bottom with Chcago, Illinois curved upwards. I also put a little color with the blue line and 4 stars. The quote up top comes from a saying my wife found a while back from Twitter. It's actually a quote from Rev. Run of RUN DMC: HOPE; Have Only Positive Expectations. This is still a work in progress but I like what I created so far :) Feedback's welcomed and appreciated!


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