Christopher Hope

Just a guy who loves to draw stuff...



Hope Business Card

Who this card is for:

For myself obviously! :) Just want to make a business card for my graphic design services.

What is my inspiration:

I like business cards to show some personality. To show some character, getting to know the person behind the card a little. I'm sarcastic at times, so sometimes it shows. If you can get that from one little card then the goal is accomplished.



Also, I like business cards that shows a lot of great typography and illustrations. My personal faves are ones that look vintage and/or retro.



Favorite Jukebox Print card:

I like two cards. The first one is a custom card that is cut like a ribbon. I see the uniqueness and creativity behind it, it stands out because of that aspect. Plus it looks like a bunch of A's folded together.


The second card is a 3D embossed card. I like how you can show a distinct image and bring it out front and center, making a lasting impression to whoever gets it. Plus it looks freakin' awesome!



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