Hoot, Hoot

Hoot, Hoot - student project

These little owls were such fun to crochet. For me the most difficult part was the faces I thought they were so cute that I made several. Here are my regular size owls.

Hoot, Hoot - image 1 - student project

I actually made these several weeks ago. Getting on the computer to post my projects takes me at least twice as long as doing the projects.

Here is a mini-owl I gave a friend.

Hoot, Hoot - image 2 - student project

And here is why I loved doing this class and getting the idea so much. At Christmas I usually make some type of ornament for a group of my friends. This year they are getting Christmas owls.

Here is one of the red ones. I will also make them in green and gold for variety.

Hoot, Hoot - image 3 - student project

Thank you so much, Vivika!