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Hooked on Bracelets

First request was to upload a photo of the beads and wire I would be using for this assignment:


Yes, that is craft wire, 20 gauge.  I know, I KNOW...the directions clearly expressed the reasons not to use craft wire.  However, when I am learning a new technique, I like to use inexpensive wire.  It helps me to focus on the technique rather than worrying about wasting good wire.

I cut the wire into 2-inch pieces.  I did this before knowing how much I would actually need.  For these beads I probably could have gone with 1 1/2 inch pieces, but the tutorial was so good about covering how to work with extra wire that I went with a longer dimension than I thought would be necessary.

I am in love with this particular technique of making loops!  I found after only a couple of attempts that it was fairly easy to master.  I found that if I did each step on all the wires and beads before moving onto the next step, I was able to finish the project quickly.


The links on the right are completely finished.  In the middle are the eye pins with just the first loop completed.  On the left--it may be hard to see--the second loop has been completed, but the extra wire needs to be trimmed and the loop bent into position.  Although I love the fact that I can speed up the process by doing each step in batches, what impresses me is how easy it is to create consistent, uniform loops each time.

And here is the finished bracelet:


Since I did up a bunch of links before connecting the entire bracelet, I ended up with two links left over.  So now I can make up a matching pair of earrings, once I find the perfect bead(s) to attach to the bottom loop:


I think I will be making a lot more bracelets and necklaces now.


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