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Hoof Beats Theatre

Hoof Beats Theatre is an equine entertainment troupe. It is made of me (Emily Richards) and my horses Ollie, Gypsy, and growing foal that we will get to meet in May. My show consists of trick riding, vaulting, liberty work, fire eating, and fire spinning. So far we have done one "real" show which was an excellent learning experience but an awful presentation. Luckily, my followers are very gracious and are still asking for another show! My next show will be late May and will be my way of introducing my new foal to everyone. My first show was donation based and I made a little money ( enough to cover some of my basic costs).

Here is a picture of Gypsy (left) and Ollie (right)

My Business Model:

Find an appropriate public space to perform. Have a list of suggested donations. Open to the public and allow them to pay what they want.


  • Truck
  • Trailers
  • Wagon and Harness
  • Saddles, surcingles, and tack
  • Ollie
  • Gypsy and Foal
  • Costumes
  • Insurance
  • Round pen
  • Lights
  • Speakers
  • Curtains
  • Fire torches, poi, and staff

Human Resources

  • Me
  • Musicians


Anyone who is tired of traditional entertainment. They will get entertainment, joy, and a reconection with nature through doing business with me.

What is Hard:

  • Finding a suitable location for free
  • Making the show different everytime

What is Unique:

  • No one has combined horses and fire the way I do
  • Intimate setting
  • Donation based

How to Repeat:

  • Networking/ word of mouth
  • Follow rodeos and county fairs

I'm sure this will change as I continue to perform. I appreciate any feedback!

Part 2: I am a Freelancer

I am definitley a freelancer! If I all as much money as I wanted I would be doing the exact same thing. I love my horses and they are my life.

To ensure a steady stream of work, I will continue to find new locations to perform.

I will keep myself sane by keeping the show small. No arenas just my 60 ft. round pen and my horses.

Once I get a good following by performing in public for tips, I be able to start to rent land and charge for admission. My shows will increase in quality as I become a better entertainer and as I invent new tricks. I will create a waiting line be keeping the shows small.

Part 3:

It was surprisingly reassuring to think about funding in this way. As it turns out, I only need a little bit of funding and I already have a decent tribe to fund it for me. I'm talking under $1000. The only things left for me to get will be a pipe and drape curtain and better lighting. After that I should be fully operational and hope to be able to turn that into money returned as soon as the end of this summer if not, then by the end of next summer! I have been fortunate enough to already have everything else I need except for feed for the horses which I will treat like payroll and support through the money earned.

Part 4: Hiring

I don't plan on hiring for a very long time. Maybe never. I do, however, plan on using other freelancers. For my May show I would like to find a group of musicians to join me. It is not absolutlet neseccary but would get me closer to my final vision. I shudder at the thought of dealing with the government any more than necessary. So, I answered the rest of those questions with that in mind. I plan on them finding me vs. me finding them. If they approach me about wanting to participate then if I feel like they are a good match i will invite them to practice with me and play with the horses. If my horses don't like them it will be a no go. They have been very reliable in their character assesment and I have always regretted ignoring it. Same goes for my customers, if whenever customer x shows up they show that they don't trust/like them then I will not invite them back. I'm never planning on doing a formal review. If there is an issue I'll address it in the moment and if it progress then we'll take seperate ways. Another plus to not hiring employees. They would want to join me because they like to inspire people and want to live the gypsy life. They will most definitely be expected to explore the edges of the universe and beyond. There are no limits as to what can happen and I love truly original ideas!

Part 5: Naming

I already had a name Hoof Beats Theatre so I went and bought the domain which was easy. So now I have www.hoofbeatstheatre.com. and one day I might have the time to use it. 

For me, naming brought up an even bigger issue. What to name the foal when it's born. In a way, this is more important then my business name because my horses are what really draw people in. My other two were already named so I didn't bother with changing them. I don't know what the sex of the baby is yet but I don't think that matters too much. I'm going for something mystical sounding yet easy enough to pronounce (or shorten) so that a 3 year old can say it. 

Part 6:

I don't see me needing any partners right now. I don't have any one working on this with me right now and I can handle it without any stress so I does not make sense to bring anyone else in.

Part 7:

For me pricing is easy to start out with because I will be performing in public spaces with no control over who can watch so paying will be optional. However, I have a sign listing some of my costs so that people can have an idea of what to donate. I have found that a reference point really helps people know how much they want to spend. Also, my costs are relatively consistant and the only extra cost per show is the fuel to get there.


I went ahead and created my website! It is www.hoofbeatstheatre.com . I hope to add some videos soon.


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