Cindy Shaw

Designer & Illustrator



Hooded Fox Nesting Doll

First Thoughts
I have a background in graphic design and illustration, but have always liked the look of watercolors. I took this class to get more practice in the medium, because it's hard to practice on your own. This project was a stretch from my comfort zone. I had to really concentrate and be patient, because I couldn't just push ctrl+z!


I kept trying to put too much pigment on the paper, and had to consciously make an effort to build watery layers. It was also a challenge for me to mix colors that matched my original palette on the spot.

Lessons Learned
In my final painting, my pencil lines were too dark, so I ended up outlining everything in watercolor. Next time I'll try painting directly over a lightbox so I can keep that soft look.


Another Take
Since my usual style is clean lines and flat colors, I did some quick digital coloring with my sketch. I quite like this little fox, and might clean it up and use it in the future.

Overall, I loved doing this project and the class was really helpful. Thanks, Sandra!



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