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Hood Pope

Hood Pope is a song on ASAP Ferg's Album "Trap Lord". Just taking the song title and bringing it to life in a very different style than the album cover.

Started with sketches..

I then took the sketches to ai. and ended up with this...

Using the tips from the 'vectoring' video, I managed to delete and add points to make the whole type smoother...

Without internet at home, I wasn't able to watch the last half Simon's class, so went along without his guide. (I will update the project once I've watched the videos below).

I played around with the type more and more, and got rid of the swish from the 'p' as I found it wasn't quite fitting into the style I was trying to portray (boring, I know)...

At this stage I was quite happy with the process, and played around with multiple fonts and text to add to the current 'hoodpope', some of the options I came up with...

Without a doubt my favourite was this version..

Which I finally took to photoshop to produce this..

I can't wait to watch the last couple of videos to see the changes I'll make, which I'll update below!


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