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Hooch Moonlight Whiskey

Inspiration for this comes from stories my mother used to tell about her uncles and cousins who were bootleggers during the days of prohibition. One of them was even shot in the back on Christmas Eve for cheating someone at cards. I thought of lots of words that bring us back to this era and the contenders were Moonshine, Bootlegger and Hooch. Moon shine and Hooch, I found, are already widely used so the word Hooch wins out. It  has been used in many contexts but it always comes back to the a whiskey stash. Whether it's bad whiskey, illegal whiskey, or outright moonshine there is something dangerous and forbidden about this word that is at the very nature of man's need to rebel. Why do you think getting drunk isn't nearly as cool as it is when you're underage? Currently I'm developing this fictional brand it just seems like fun to explore what all the options are to develop this identity and packaging label. Here are a few visuals that pulled up though. Wish me luck.

Currently I'm conducting studies of letter forms and other elemens that I will use on for the design the label.The challenge is to create something that is native to Oklahoma but easily identified on the shelf.The letters XXX have been used historically in tandem with the terms Moonshine and Moonlighting so I found those terms and letterforms to have potential. 


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