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Honoring the Patient--Leading Workforce Development in Behavioral Health Integration

Background Spiel

Primary Care Doc? Social Worker? Nurse? Pschologist? Integrated Care Manager?

If you fit into any of these roles, you are probably aware that integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care is becoming recognized as an evidence-based solution for providing better health outcomes at lower costs.  

At the Center for Integrated Primary Care (CIPC) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, we have been leading the effort to develop a knowledgeable and skilled work force prepared to meet the challenges of Integrated care.

Research and our experience show that many integration efforts fail because Behavioral Health professionals join a primary care team trying to maintain the model of professional practice they have depended upon throughout their careers.  It doesn't work.

But we know what does work and can train those who lead teams to understand how to manage the integration.  We have successfully trained many eager to experience the change to become skilled Integrated Care Managers.  And we have one of the most innovative and interactive courses for Motivational Interviewing--a key skill in an integrated health practice.

All our courses are online, but are real time, so you have the abilty to chat with the instructors and collaborate with fellow students.

The Issues

The courses we deliver are well-received, but under-subscribed.

Before my hiring, just two months ago, there was no one on staff who had marketing experience

Our expenses were increased by 26% due to a tax the University placed on all Centers bringing in outside revenue

Our cash reserves are dwindling fast


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