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Honoring my truth

The interview questions:

It's taken me a bit longer to coordinate all the phone calls for these and I still have one more I'd like to do.  Fortuntely I did this exercise a few months ago so I have a pretty solid survey from the people in my life.

The first thing I should say about doing this is that I find it to be quite a challenge!  Many of the people in my life aren't actively involved in this type of work and I find we don't often have these kinds of conversations.  With a couple of my "bros" it was definitely the first time I had ever asked them what they appreciate about me most!  That being said, I found the process to be incredible and absolutely strengthened my connection and relationships with these people.

Some common themes and things I learned:

Everyone has a huge amount of faith in me and what I am doing, they think I am talented and capable and also think that I severely undervalue myself.  (I know this)  I learned that people experience me as someone who doesn't need much from others and is generally self sufficient.  They assume I am always good because I rarely reach out for help or assistance.  This was big for me to hear... I see that I am not reaching out to my friends and family when I need support and could be sharing much more of myself.   In the last two questions, the responses I got were consistent with what I want most in my life, to find sucess with my music and create a family!

I'll have a vision posted up this weekend.

I feel good about what came forth from my visioning "session".  This is something I have done before, but I wanted to go a little deeper.  Also, realizing that I can write several visions for different parts of my life was really liberating!  I seem to prefer the snapshot of a day format, so here is a vision focusing on my personal life.

A 10 year vision.

My feet are in the sand... I can hear the ocean... I feel the salty air on my face.  I am warm, strong, healthy and happy.  My wife Kimberly is sitting next to me and our children are playing nearby.  All of my brothers and sister are with us.  There are kids, dogs, surfboards, frisbees, sandcastles, guitars, djembes, and lots of fantastic food for us to enjoy together.  The younger kids are playing in the sand while I take the older ones out to surf.  My son has just stood up on a wave for the first time and my daughter is screaming with delight as she rides a wave in. We are playing music and roasting marshmallows around the fire as the sun is setting.  I see all of my family together, and there is nowhere in the world I would rather be.

I would like to give a little context for my personal vision that may not be apparent from the snapshot.  My parents are divorced and remarried with children so I have "half" brothers and a sister from both sides of my family.  I grew up splitting time between my familes and love them all very much.  Our wedding was probably the second time I have ever seen them all together, so it is my vision to create the space for this to happen and whatever might unfold from there.

A  10 year vision of my work life

I am in my beautiful home studio working with my friend and production partner.  We have just finished recording tracks for our third album together.  We had the pleasure of collaborating with many inspiring artists and performers.  We are planning our live performance set for a mini tour of yoga and music festivals in North America.  I am producing music for many professional artists and have composed a score for a science fiction movie.  Music sync licensing provides a steady income stream that allows me to pursue a variety of creative endeavors.   I am contributing to and supporting artists of all kinds. I am a coach and mentor and spend time with children.  I am creating freely and easily and collaborating with a large community.

My goals

Career 10 year

  • I am organizing and hosting music, yoga and surf retreats in partnership with my wife
  • I have produced 5 songs appearing in the BBC radio 1 dance chart
  • I am producing a large scale music, yoga and arts festival 
  • I have composed the score for a full length feature film
  • 5 year

  • I am DJing/performing at Wanderlust, Coachella, Burning Man, LIghting in a Bottle and Tadasana festivals
  • I am paid to produce and remix for top artists
  • I have completed three albums with my production partner
  • I am contributing to and working with a music, yoga and arts festival company
  • I have a music library that provides a consistent stream of income from sync licensing and royalties
  • I have created a small business to sell natural food products
  • 1 year

  • I am hosting local music/yoga jams and events in partnership with my wife
  • I have completed 2 albums of my own music
  • I am performing at 3 music, yoga and arts festivals per year
  • I have 20 music pieces accepted into a music licensing catalog
  • I have 1-3 DJ gigs per week
  • I have created my own sample library for commercial sale
  • I am marketing and selling my Organic Gluten Free sprouted granola
  • Personal 10 year

  • I own a home near the ocean in California
  • I spend one month of each year in a tropical location with my wife and family
  • I travel to new countries and places one month of each year with my wife and family
  • I take a three month road trip through North America with my wife and children
  • 5 year

  • I have 2 children
  • I am surfing 2x per week
  • I am debt free
  • I travel to New Zealand, Greece, and Costa Rica
  • I take a yoga and surf retreat with my wife
  • I have a vegetable garden
  • I own a fully restored Toyota Landcruiser running on Biodiesel or vegetable oil
  • I play drums and percussion with a band or group just for fun
  • I live near my brothers and sister and am creating opportunities to see them all together
  • 1 year

  • We (Me, my wife and baby) live in California 
  • I practice yoga every morning
  • I am able to sit comfortably in half lotus or burmese for one hour
  • I am brewing Kombucha
  • I write music every day
  • I re-learn to play the guitar
  • I play my Djembe with a group
  • I am dancing for fun 2-4x per month
  • I am practicing pilates 3x per week
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