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Blair Caffey

Honor Roll Clothing Group



Honor Roll Clothing Group

Company Name:

Honor Roll Clothing Group

Mission Statment/ Slogan:

"Pardon My Excellence"

For me this project is coming after having my brand, Honor Roll CLothing Group, up and running for 3yrs . What has alredy been very motivating is  listening to Jeff Staple talk about the difference between a brand thats created for the short term and a brand thats created for the long hall, as well as the importance of setting up your company properly. The reason this has been motivating is because these are the same questions that i asked myself back in in 08' when i was a junior in college; glad that my mind was in the right place. Just like Mr.Staple, my initial name wasnt really a good one and most importantly long term, it didnt speak to the demographic that i wanted to consistantly reach nor did it realy convey the message i wanted to present  to the public. Now granted if i remember correctly it took me a little longer than 2 weeks to figure out my brands name "Honor Roll Clothing Group" but once i got it, coming up with the mission statment/slogan  "Pardon My Excellence" came naturally. 


Once I was sure about my brands name, mission statment i spent quite a bit of time really mapping out who this "Honor Roll Clothing Group" customer was. For me it was always more than just selling clothes. I felt like i was going to be telling a story or expressing a specific emotion with the world from the perspective of people like myself who wants more out of life than just a dead-end job, another negative statistic, or even having a career that they only went after because of financial gain or social acceptance. And not comparing myself to these men, almost how Dr. King represented non-violence and Malcom X represented a group of people who wasnt just going to sit around and take a physical beating, thats how i want to represent who want to obtain more and are very unapologetic about their excellence (hence: "Pardon My Excellence".


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