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Honolulu No Ka Oi!

I chose Honolulu as my subject. Funny how you can spend 18 years trying to get off the island, only to spend another 18 years trying to get back on it!  

It's been pretty fun to seek out inspiration pieces. Unfortunately, I work full time and have a boatload of kids I haven't been able to really carve out a good pinterest mood board

My first inclination was to have the city in ruins underwater (hello, global warming)... however, I would like to do a sort of Jetson like take on this. So, if the waters rise up... what if the whole Island rose up too.. (like Star Wars Cloud City style?!) . Hawaii in a futuristic large scale snow globe?! 

I sketched out a surfer girl on a (hover-style) surf board. She's a total Betty though.. Doesn't really want to get her hair wet, and would rather be sunning out on the beach. 

I wanted to include a WIki Wiki (airport) shuttle. (The little dots are supposed to be tourists packed in like sardines). 

Last sketch is just me fiddling with font and trying to figure out a better coconut tree. 


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