Honeysuckle, Mint, and the Sound of Her Heart

This was the first time her heart had ever skipped this many beats when in the presence of another person. Her resting hand on the thigh of her jeans longed for him to notice it. His hand finds hers and runs his smooth fingers along the palm of her hand sending shivers up her arms to the place where her heart was pounding loudly. He was close enough to smell the scent of his shampoo, a scent that reminded her of honeysuckle warmed by the sunshine. He leaned closer his hand reaching up for her cheek to brush away the hair in her eyes. She glances up at him and sees him smile as her eyes meet his. The nerves settle in and she can feel the weight on the couch shift as he moves up above her, pressing her back into the couch his hand running back into her hair, pulling it gently to tilt her face up to his, her lips parts and her breath is quick, and warm, and minty, as she anticipates what comes next. Her cheeks flush and she can vaguely hear the tv droning on in the background barely lighting the room enough to see much more than what is in front of her. His face is so close she can see the flush on his face and the pink of his lips as he moves closer, almost so slowly it feels as if time has stopped. When his lips touch hers they ignite a spark that was waiting to be lit. Her breath catches as their lips press together and she moans slightly as his hand tangles in her hair and holds her face to his. Her passion increases and she wraps her arms around him, relishing the flames that flicker in her heart and that are now starting their slow burn in her soul.  Honeysuckle, Mint, and the Sound of Her Heart - image 1 - student project

Susannah T.
Imagination is Limitless