Homo heidelbergensis

Homo heidelbergensis - student project

Hi. I sketched this specimin at the NHM in London a couple of weeks ago (just a normal pencil sketch) and thought he'd make a good study for this project I used a photograph of it as my reference. 


I did a class on stippling a few years ago but didn't really feel it at the time and haven't tried the technique since until I saw this class and it inspired me to try again. I'm so pleased I did. I did think I'd perhaps taken on too complex a piece and I'd get bored and lose i interest before I finished it but I actually really enjoyed seeing it come together and the process was very calming. Anyway, enough waffle, here's my finished illustration. Homo heidelbergensis - image 1 - student project


I wanted to see how it would look with some colour so I scanned it, added some colour digitally and really like the result. Thank you so much for this class, it's a technique I'll definitely attempt again but this time it won't be years away. 

Homo heidelbergensis - image 2 - student project