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Ayham Basheer

Ayham Basheer




Homework 1

Homework 2 (optional)

Homework 3:

Nescafe wordmark is a modern, clean and bold serif font. I believe it stands for the quality of the coffee, it is like saying "we sell premium coffee".

Red Mug wordmar is a friendly script and It stands for casual.

Homework 4:

It was really fun drawing all these letters, though it is not perfectly clean sketches but I am happy with my outcomes, because it's my first try. I gave myself rates for each letter, the worst is 50%. I promise you that I was fair with myself.

Homework 5:

Final project:

I've layied out one of Wayne Dyer famous quotes. 

The typography can be read in 3 different ways, the 1st one is "YOUR LIFE", because it's the largest and have the biggest impact on the design. The 2nd one is "LOVE YOUR LIFE", because both are the same font and the same colors. The 3rd way is the whole quote.


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