To celebrate the arrival of summer, Petopia is offering its customers 15% off all purchases.  


If you have a summer holiday planned, whether a few days or a few weeks away, use your 15% savings on Petopia kennel services ---  buy diving lessons, another round of drinks, or the to-die-for summer costume to show off your summer-ready hot bod! 


Or, you’ve planned a summer Stay-Cation?  Treat you best friend to a quality Ancol brand lead, toy or summer accessory and enjoy long summer nights with style.


Feeling guilty about the summer fun you have planned? Don’t! A portion of your purchase at Petopia supports fostering and feeding progammes for stray pets. 



Ben, your friends at Petopia want to ensure you are aware of the Intermediate Puppy Basics training that begins next week, Mon XX May 2020.


Your new puppy can be your best companion – based on the strength of the foundation you build together.  You and puppy have successfully completed the Puppy Basics training course.  You are now ready to take the relationship to the next level – Intermediate Puppy Basics. 


You may or may not get joy from a two-legged companion. We can guarantee - with the right foundation and training – your four-legged companion will be your best relationship, ever!