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Homework & Tutoring Time

1.Draft a sentence that communicates your startup idea.

H&T Time is a free website that allows students to help each other with their homework in various subjects in real time.


I am currently a student and I came up with this idea based on my personal experience.

There are numerous ways of doing homework and here are some examples:

- by yourself

- fellow students

- friends 

- online sources (Wikipedia, Google & YouTube etc...)

- tutoring services online or offline (school or other places)

I believe there are two scenarios of "doing" homework:

Scenario 1: The student is doing the homework with the neccessary help or no help at all.

Scenario 2: The student is doing the homework by copying the anwers straight from another source. 

While students are doing their homework, most of them are usually online or can get access to the Internet.  My approach will be to combine the pros and cons of the two scenarios above, and create an effective way to reduce the cons and bring students to interact with each other more often. Therefore, H&T Time, will provide every registered student the help they need wether it is from a fellow student, or a student from another school or country to successfully do their homework. 

Some of the features will be:

- private conversation 

- public and group conversation (forum/blog style)

- storage of files (Dropbox or Google Doc)

- video & audio conversation (I am thinking FaceTime or Skype type of features)

- multi languages 

- all type of subjects

I am sure there are other features to be implemented, but from now I want to keep it simple & user friendly. 

Once again, the main idea is to get help in real time by other students.

***Why would I ever use this website? It's free! I would use this website because ALL students would have access to the endless help and meet great people worldwide. 


2. Conduct Customer Interviews.


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