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Homework Assigment 1 - 8 Principles of Styling

I am adorinng this homework assignment. It is really making me think why a room works or doesn't works for me.

These photos are from a one-day bedroom makeover. Though not representative of my style, what I find fascinating is that everything they did in a one-day period all adheres to Justina’s “8 Principles of Styling”.

Check out the after and before photos.



Side by Side

Source: House Beautiful

NEEDS - They added a desk and chair by the window.

SHAPE - The added headboard has a wonderful unique shape. Also the lamps and the console table add curves to a boxy room.

COLOR - In addition to the lampshade near the window the headboard wins again. Also there is the ceramic pot, under the desk, which doubles as a wastebasket.  The repainted walls goes well with the headboard.

PATTERN - The headboard shines again. It is doing a lot of design “heavy lifting”. There is also the pillow on the bed.

TEXTURES - The new area rug.

PLACEMENT - The sconces either side of the window create a balanced vingette. I would also consider placing the desk in this category.

BLING - I would include the sconces. Also the former wood framed mirror was replaced with a more ornate metal-framed one.

BOTANICALS - The tree.

Here is another view of the bed.

Source: House Beautiful


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