Homework 1 Look at two planets in chart

Homework 1 Look at two planets in chart - student project

For this assignment I wanted to have one planet in Capricorn sense that is my sign and the other I chose Mars. If I had read my chart correctly, Neptune is the only thing in Capricorn besides the sun so I chose that. And Mars was in Sagittarius next to Capricorn.

Neptune in Capricorn

               As I looked at Neptune in Capricorn, I read a sense of inward development through spirituality. Knowing myself and what I feel I focus on, this seems true to me. Reading farther into it I also get seeing the world through a filter of extrasensory observations by using what “feels” right, back by logic, to guide decisions. I would say that is something I more then often relay to people when discussing plans. I will tell them what “feels” like a good idea, then proceed to describe why it makes some type of sense.

Mars in Sagittarius

               What I read here is a combination that is very goal driven. When a goal has been set it is focused on, like tunnel vision, and pursue that idea intensely. Without getting into it, I have narrow-mindedly pursued a life that only follows paths that take me to what I invasion I am seeking. I also read in this that with this combination that obstacles in the way of the idea can cause this person to aggressively find creative solutions around of the obstacle or to remove it from their life. Even if that means cutting ties to that person. That last part may seem a little extreme, but I based it off personal experience. I do tend to flexible and creative when it comes to getting to my goal, but when something or someone is only blocking me in moving that direction, I will distance myself from that person or thing.


               I feel a little like I my not have what the planets are telling me correctly because of bias I have trying to fit the definitions into my own idea of what I think my life is like.



Assignment 2 Houses

               Noting that both planets are in my sixth house, I see correlating actions I take possible due to the combinations of this.


Neptune in Sixth House

               The drive for spiritual understanding will influence the type of work that is satisfying and sought after. I do see this in my own life as it reflects my drive for a less standard material driven work environment. Reading more I see that this may influence the routines and habits that is acted upon. And in that I see things like meditation, inward thinking of higher matters may take a part in daily actions. If I’m reading this right- I do in fact delve into meditation and have studied and practiced things such as out-of-body experience, as talked about in the book “Journeys out of the body”. If I had any success or not is still up for discussion.

Mars in Sixth House

               I read that the passion and drive to go after goals and desires, may, in conjunction with Sagittarius enthusiasm and adaptability to changing circumstances and Neptune’s focus on the spiritual, drive the focus in said spiritual direction. This may be not satisfying the expressed energy unless directed this way. Reading this from my own filter I think I may understand some of my own actions on why my attention is towards the spiritual and the drive behind it.


               If I had read any of this right and understand even the smallest tip of an iceberg we call astrology, I think I see why I did some of things I did. To compare, but not get into it to much, I left a high paying carrier in Tech out of an irrational urge to pursue spiritual matters. This I’m assuming has to do with Neptune being in my Six house and Mars driving that energy. Regardless on how financially it may have made things difficult; I’m still following this path because Sagittarius’s ability to adapt? If I’m even a little close to an accurate correlation, this explains a lot to me on my current unquenchable thirst for this type of understanding of the world.