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Homework #1- Find Image with the 8 principals & my before pictures


Homework #1: Find an image of the 8 principals at work and point out each principal.

Needs: Our need for this console table is to hold our keys and the drawers hold inventory for a small business I own. The sunflow bowl holds our keys.

Shape and Size: There are many shapes and sizes from the round of the lamp shade and the lantern, to the square of the canvas art. I have implemented many sizes from short (the candle) to tall (the lamp). It gives the console table diversity.

Color: There is a pop of color with the lamp shade and also the sunflower bowl. I am not huge on pops of color (color scares me!) but I did add the lamp shade for a little pop.

Pattern: The lampshade has a pattern but that is it. I could probably add another pattern but mixing patterns is not my strength! It also scares me. :)

Texture: The lantern has rope around it and you can also see the text of the "B".

Placement: I think the placement looks okay although as you can see, I did not follow the "3's" rule as well as I could have!

Bling: The bling would be the picture frame. It is a glass picture with also with some texture on it.

Botanicals: The "B" has moss on it. That would be my botanticals (if that counts). :)

My Before's: (they need some help!) :)





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