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Homework #1-2: Eclectic LA Family Home


This is our family home near Los Angeles' design-rich Beverly Blvd. Our style is eclectic with a mix of modern and vintage, bright colors and clean whites, and boho touches throughout. With two very young children and a high-energy dog our design must be very functional, comfortable and easy to clean.


The living room is the epicenter of our home. I snagged this sofa from a friend who was using it outdoors. It is a rich brown teak, imported from Vietnam. I repholstered the dense, thin cushions in dark blue faux velvet. The pillows are collected from our various travels. 


We purchased this credenza off of Craigslist. It is from the 1970's with built-in speakers, perfect for the 1970's record collect I "borrowed" from my parents. The Murakami charger on the wall is authentic. We love bright, contemporary art. 

Coffee Table:

This is an outdoor coffee table that was handed down to us by my in-laws. We actually hate this table, but have yet to find a kidney shaped mid-century that we love. It's sparse because my two-year-old likes to climb on it. 


The bookshelf was something I got from my parents. They bought it when they were first married in the early 1970's. It's solid, heavy and substational, which I love. The shelves themselves are very cluttered. We have limited space for tastfully displaying our books and trinkets. I hope to improve how we use the limited space we have. To the left of the bookshelf is an alcove/guest room. To the right is the kitchen. 


I obsessed over emerald green walls for the better part of year before finally giving in and painting our bedroom. I think it is romantic, sexy and bold. We have large floor to ceiling windows in our bedroom with white curtains, and I think that combined with the white bedding it brightens up the dark walls. We have been looking for a long time for a headboard that we like enough to get into bed with (pun intended). In the meantime, I hoped the painting above the bed would sort of do the job. The painting is an oil done by my late grandmother. 

Example of 8 Principals:

1.) Needs. When you enter a home, you need to see yourself in a mirror to check your hair, etc. from the outdoors. This is addressed by the mirror directly across from the front door.

2.) Shape. Most of the pieces on the wall are rectangular, along with the sharp angles of the console and side chairs. The round shape of the lamp along with the curves in the mirror off-set and balance the other sharp angles.

3.) Color. While intially the blue walls seem to jump out, after closing my eyes on this photo it's the pops of pink that stay in my mind. They are subtle, yet they are what is evoking the feeling of color in this space.

4.) Pattern. There is a small bit of pattern on the seats of the chairs, and the chair backs also give a small and delicate pattern with thier lattice texture. This off-sets and balances the flatness of the wall and art. Additionally, the antlers on the wall also change up the pattern. 

5.) Texture. The chair backs with their lattice texture, the antlers on the wall and the flowers all give texture to this space.

6.) Placement. The chairs offer a nice repetition. along with the stacks of books on the table's shelf. There are two identical frames next to one another on the wall also offering repetition. 

7.) Bling. The table is brass/bronze giving a nice little bling to the space.

8.) Bontanicals. The flowers on the table are a nice way to incorporate botanicals.






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