Leron Baum





We are building Hometurf as a platform for organized sports teams to reduce the hassle and increase engagement for everyone involved - leagues, coaches, parents, and players. 

Existing Materials

  • One-pager - language needs a lot of work, we're fairly set on what the features are of the product, but we need to hone the exact benefits to the users of these features, and how what we are building will give them these benefits
  • Website - simple landing page with a placeholder tagline - "Your sports team. Simplified."
  • Twitter account - same placeholder tagline in profile - "Your sports team. Simplified."
  • Potential client presentation - pretty much everything about it needs to be redone


  • Users - Leagues, Coaches, Parents, Players
  • Investors - not looking for investment at moment but need to begin thinking about messaging
  • Press
  • Potential hires


  • Website - currently a landing page, haven't begun actively trying to drive traffic to it yet
  • Social Media - Twitter account is live, have recently begun but need to spend time identifying keywords, community, etc. Facebook page is registered but haven't begun to build anything there yet. Other channels considering - Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn
  • Mobile App - in development


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