Homeschooling - student project

Started with brainstorm and getting ideas on paper.Homeschooling - image 1 - student project

Moved on to thumbnail sketches.  I enjoyed just trying to get ideas in the thumbnails.  I tried not to over think it.  Had many more however selected this page.Homeschooling - image 2 - student projecti narrowed To these final sketches however I did not use the image of my son I scooter because we completed a bottle rocket project and it kept us busy for 3 hours which was great.  I decided on this image instead of scooter.Homeschooling - image 3 - student project

Made some final sketches and used a minimal color palette as suggested which was very useful.  I can get out their with color so parameters were great.  I added some text to final for cover however not sure about it now.  Homeschooling - image 4 - student project
I am new to illustration, I started taking classes about a year ago and I have been really inspired by the work of illustrators.  I consider my self a visual artist and I enjoy working in multiple mediums and I primarily engage in abstract work.  I am working on the next set spot illustrations.  

Here is the second set I completed about What I love about Mexico City.  
Homeschooling - image 5 - student projectHomeschooling - image 6 - student project

I included some of my sketches below.  I like sketching the ideas in my sketchbook than going digital.  I find for my initial idea phase my analog sketchbook works better.  Changes and edits are made digitally.  

Homeschooling - image 7 - student projectHere some more sketching process.  Thanks Tom this was a great assignment

Homeschooling - image 8 - student project

Andrew Estrada
Fine Artist and Illustrator