Homeschool Watercolor class

Homeschool Watercolor class - student project

As a homeschooling mom its often hard for me to carve out time for my personal creative journey. When I got the brilliant idea to invite my daughters into the Skillshare classes I so badly wanted to take I knew it would be a game changer. (for me and for them) We loved everything we learned in this class. 

Homeschool Watercolor class - image 1 - student project

These flowers were by 10yr old Lucy

It was fun to learn more about mixing the colors we had and how to choose a limited pallet. Most of all I love working on projects with my girls. I am raising artists after all. 

Homeschool Watercolor class - image 2 - student project

These were painted by 8yr old Ramey

(the cover photo is my own sketch book and Ramey's pineapple and tree)

Thanks Amarilys for this great class! We can't wait to work thru your other ones! 

Joy M
Hem Studio