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Lantz Mattinson




Homeschool Tinkering workshops

This is still in the very early stages. I am bust going through the business model. I have some some awesome resourses of the idea that I want to create. 





The basic idea is to get more kids tinkering. I spent many hours with me dad in his workshop. I even went to a technical high school where I did fitting and turning. I got do do some of my own projects. I made a fishing real. The only part I did not make was the bearings. I remember being so proud of that project. Now days on the weekends I might make something for myself or the kids. 

I remember on a walk home with my kids we found an old printer. My daughter said I had to bring it home so we did. The kids spend hours taking it apart and it was like a treasure box of interesting goodies.

I want to share this with other children and see if I can offer courses for them to do this.

Update 1.1 I am a freelancer.


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