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Jared Latigo

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Homeschool Digital Goods Marketplace

July 23, 2014

1. My business or brand.

I am creating a marketplace for digital goods for homeschooling. There are ton of resources out there but no place that brings together all the bloggers and homeschool parents that create their own resources.

This will connect the disconnected in a variety of ways. 

2. Answers to the 11 questions.

  • What is Marketing for?

Marketing used to be for pushing an already created product into the marketplace. Such as taking a product to market. No longer.

Marketing is now the act of telling a story that is compelling and true. It will lead people to the product instead of pushing it in front of them. 

For this project, the story of connecting homeschool resources into one easy to access place will bring value to the community. 

  • What can we change?

It will be a percentage of sales of each product on the site. The author will get the majority of the sale and an increasing percentage as they sell more. The site itself will get a small portion of the sales for hosting and delivering the goods to the consumer. 

  • What promise are we going to make?

We will connect the homeschool blogging community to each other. We will also give small authors a chance to get seen and make some money in the process. The ultimate promise will be quality. Each item will be hand selected based on a set of criteria that must be met. This will insure the community grows for the better of our children and not for the better of people's pockets. 

  • What’s the hard part?

Doing something like this in a community that has never seen it. Telling them you will only charge a small amount and take a portion of sales will be hard to swallow for some people. The hope is that the hardest part will be finding the authors and the people to buy will take care of itself. 

  • Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

Making one. This isn't a trend in this industry as we speak. I hope to build the first place that does this for this community. 

  • Where is the risk?

Starting something new that the community doesn't want or understand. The risk is failing miserably but I'm prepared for that because of the hope that it may succeed.

  • Who is in charge?

The community as a whole. The authors can choose to not put up their material and consumers can choose to not purchase it. 

  • Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

It will start with buying hosting and materials needed to start the site. Then it will include ongoing costs for staying in touch with the community and building it as a whole. 

  • How should we be spending our time?

Doing the hard stuff. The trivial stuff, the easy stuff, doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. I need to budget my time better to work on the stuff that’s hard and matters. 

3. What are the P words I'll prioritize? 

Positioning -  The file is "I need resources for homeschooling." The slot is "I can't afford (or don't want) name brand, whole curriculums. (For the author it would be "I have this resource to sell but don't have the platform to sell many of them.)

Pricing - Low cost but high quality. Two things that don't usually go together but when selling bulk it makes sense and works. 

Permission - Earn permission by getting in with some of the big bloggers in the industry. Sell on the fact that I want to connect the community and have a central location for all the great resources people create. 

Purple - Being the first of it's kind in this community. 

Placebo - Author testimonials for how easy it was or how much money they make off of it. Or from buyers for how may great resources are available from a variety of authors. 

Pavlov - You make the materials, we give you an outlet to spread your ideas. 

People like us - People like us support the community we're in. 

What story do I live? 

  • Value
  • Premium
  • Connection
  • Servant

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