Homeroom Happy Hour - The Best Teachers Lead with a Smile!

Homeroom Happy Hour - The Best Teachers Lead with a Smile! - student project

Homeroom Happy Hour is like Positively Positive for educators.

Our Mission is to keep good teachers in the classroom. We provide information, inspiration, and support to help teachers face everyday with a smile :-)

The Issue: 40% of all new teachers will leave the profession within 5 years. New and pre-service teachers seek support and guidance from veteran teachers. They seek encouragement, classroom management tips, as well as a community of support to help trouble shoot and learn to build positive relationships with their students.

The Idea: Create a community of support by providing webspace for new and veteran educators to collaborate and exchange ideas. Homeroom Happy Hour will operate a blog to address topics like: classroom management, building relationships, and work-life balance. The company will also conduct teacher workshops and publish books and resource materials.

The MDP: A short e-book outlining the 4 principles I use as an Educator for create a positive and conducive learning environment.

1. Validate

2. Relate

3. Communicate

4. Elevate

The Problem: Teachers are usually compensted for professional development. Homeroom Happy Hour trainings are out of pocket costs.

Stratigies??: My goal is to design trainings and products that offer so much value that teachers don't mind paying the costs. Also, I hope that the community aspect keeps teachers coming back for the communal aspects.

Any thoughts on how I can offer more value?