Homer, NY

Update: treelines have been added to each side of the valley and snow is shown.  they will be trimmed to fit things inside the circle for the final; i'm not going for a winged orb.  cornfields tomorrow...  maybe shading in part of the green trees to show autumn?  i have been saving frequently (i'm using ms paint...) and spreading objects out in my workspace, so i should be able to re-work things fairly easily.  maybe this will look good in paint.  i still think i'll try to redo a final version in photoshop.


Thw Village of Homer is an old village in central new york.  the whole region is very rural with many hills, valleys, rivers, lakes, farms, and forests.  the winters are harshly cold and very snowy and the summers are full of beautiful warm sunny days with vistas of clear blue skies and green land.  after growing up in Homer, i now spend all my time in NYC, so i always have the contrasts in my mind.  there is no summer haze in Homer, and at night you can see all the stars.

i really want to incorporate the natural topographical features of the region in my design.  i like the idea of a round escutcheon with a big H in the middle, a river snaking behind the H between its sides, and hills rising to either side of the H, as if you're looking out into a valley.  i was thinking 1 side could represent summer with green trees on the hillside and cornfields below, abutting the stream in the center, with the other side somehow showing a snowy landscape.

i'm realizing now that i might want to incorporate spring and fall, mostly because the trees are spectacular in the fall.  i want to keep a bit of symmetry, and to me the round shape and prominent H capture the bit of old-fashionedness that i want (it's an old town, revolutionary war era feel to it).  also, i'm finding the snowy landscape to be challenging conceptually; i'm not really sure how to do it without getting really finely detailed.

another concern is the idea of trying to keep the logo simple enough to be easily recreated - i remember reading that in one of the suggested readings.

what do you all think of incorporating the other 2 seasons and figuring out how to do winter?  how about overall simplicity/complexity?

the 3rd image is what i have doodled so far in ms paint.  the final product will probably be done in photoshop.

there is also a great photo of a spot in homer at this link http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3999715294/

here are aerial and terrain snapshots showing the rural nature of the area and the valley location: 


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