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Homemade Herbal Remedies

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Now days we are coming across a lot of diseases. These happen during the period of June to August, that is during the rainy season. Also during this season, the body is a little weak compared to other seasons. That is why when we get a small bang on our knee or even a small scratch is really painful and it takes a long time. If a small scratch can cause so much pain what about the disease, fever that can cause during these seasons. I know many of you have encountered with some of the diseases, or skin problem and also would have been not able to attend your classes or even missed a trip probably. When we have such a problem we rush to the English medicines, which actually gives an immediate cure. But taking a lot of medicine for small diseases like fever and cold can actually make your immune system very weak, and making you more and more volatile towards diseases. So, instead of going the scientific way why don’t we go with a traditional way of natural herbs. In this course we will learn about the natural remedies that you can prepare in your home for certain diseases. Getting to know about medicines is good but like people always “Prevention is better than cure”, is always the best option available with you. So friends I welcome you all to today’s course on “Herbal Homemade Remedies”.

Class Project

Have you used these remedies at home and got benefited? If so please post your thoughts here so that more people will learn about its value and will also be benefited.

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