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Started with the exercise where I need to go out and just make marks:

I went to some sort of coast and did some doodle/marks in the sun. I think tried a little to much creating something instead of abstract marks. But it was an intresting outcome


I chose home as the theme. I tried to think of something that symbolise or means home to me and Key came to my mind. I tried to use it to draw/write with.

Pencil and key:

Water colour and fingers:

Written with a shoepolish sponge/tube:

Tried to write with the key itself dipped in watercoulor

This are my experiments so far. Now I need to work to a final piece. I don't really have a clue how to make a final piece out of this yet. Also I think I maybe are a bit to focussed on the word "home' itself.

(Ps is there a way to prevent the wubble/bubbles my paper makes when I scan it in? I know I could use thicker material or photograph my pieces but maybe there is a diffrent way?)


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