Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is - student project

February 25th.

My first sketch is a map of a perfect summer day in Oslo and how I would like to spend it with my sweetheart!

Home is where the heart is - image 1 - student project

I found this great map of the western part of Oslo from 1917. The city was then called Kristiania.

Home is where the heart is - image 2 - student project

February 25th.

I am making this map of my newfound favourite city, Oslo. It has always been my home, I just havent really realized it before now. It is a city of wonder, of contrasts, of sea, parks and skiing, and its also where I have found love. 

I'm fairly familiar around the city and I definitely have my personal favourite places, but I definitely want to explore more, and creating this map will make me do so. My boyfriend is much more familiar around the city than I am, so my hope is that he will join me on this little journey, and show me his favourite spots as well. Hopefully the map will turn out to be something we can hang on our shared wall someday.

I love illustrating but I rarely find time for it, I always have to be in the right mindframe to get anything down on paper. I hope this project can help me be less concerned about how my sketches turn out and focus more on the exercise that sketching is. I really wish for the final outcome to be a big, illustrated (but digitally enhanced) map of our favourite places in this city! the city is quite big, so I dont know if I'll include a detailed street map for every suburb, but the suburbs of interest will show the street names.

I have never really illustrated a map before, so I really hope I can live up to my own expectations of this! :)

February 22th.

I made a Pinterest-board of maps that I found inspiring!