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Hello here! Let's get start! :)

----> 17.10 - Quote, brainstorm and mood board
I don't have a favorite small quote. Usually I like words, one or two. But I wanna play!
So after many hours later (really!) looking for one I ended with this cliché but so "fit to my window" song quote.
Me and my husband have moving and changing countries/cities in the past 3 years (and probably we will move again next year). Before you have thoughts like "they are criminal? gypsies?" , well, we could (haha!) but no. Just moving becouse of job offers. And somehow this song made success at the begining of our "journey". And we repeat a lot this quote. So, I think it will works as a poster in our home(s). 

Here my brainstorm (please be kind! and not sure about the doodels at all! )

The main inspiration (big ambition!)
Mike Lowery Illustration is gorgeous! I love the composition between drawings and lettering! 
Hope to get something a little bit of this (I'm not this talented yet) , but with a lettering more cursive, more and less a mix of art noveau and french vintage posters (not sure if it will works). 

My moodboard (not sure yet if it's something I can do..)

I like the idea of silhouetes and frames


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