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Home is Where the Heart Is

Ever since watching Elizabeth's videos, I've become kind of obsessed with surface pattern design! I have been a corporate graphic designer for a few years, but I always gravitate towards illustration. I recently purchased a wacom tablet, and this is my first go at it. I must say that it's much nicer than illustrating with a mouse!

I used recent client work as a springboard for my project. I was designing a logo for an interior designer, and she wanted black and white line drawing for her look. The chair with the pillow is what she decided on, and once it was finished, I thought it would be a fun motif for a pattern. So, I created a mood board, some more illustrations and started adding color. At first I really wanted to use oriental rugs in the design, but they were too blocky and dense for the repeat, so I took them out. I think it could be a cool idea for another pattern, using all oriental rugs. Might try that next. But anyway, once I took those out, I added some smaller elements like the picture frames, potted plants and then finally the little hearts, because I thought there needed to be some smaller elements... and that's where the title came from "home is where the heart is"

Here are my initial sketches (for my client)


mood board:


more sketches (need to get better sketch paper!)


beginning of pattern:


and the final! 


thanks Elizabeth! I really enjoyed your class!


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