Home entrance

Home entrance - student project

I have been trying to do looser watercolors and brighter ones too. For this painting I tried painting my street, just before my house entrance. I took this picture because I liked the different values that go through the street. 

Home entrance - image 1 - student project

I used my Winsor and newton set, and tried to stick to only 5 colors, the ones I use the least. I did my drawing with watercolor pencil. And had my reference at hand.

Home entrance - image 2 - student project


I modified the picture to bring up the contrast and make it easier for me to simplify values. 

Home entrance - image 3 - student project

I liked my final painting but, I think that I could have gone lighter with the bright values. I tried lightening some things up with a white pen. I also adde some details with colored fine liners. In general I struggle to make looser paintings but would like to keep practicing since this is a skill that I really want to master someday. 

Home entrance - image 4 - student project