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Home Wreckers Card Game


Playtesting for Home Wreckers has been really fun so far and I have been able to get a couple of games in this week. Really hitting a sweet spot of a quick game that can be finished in 30 - 45 minutes. One of my goals is to have a group to play it 2 or 3 times during a gathering, so they can see how strategies play out and counter each other. If you would like to play and tell me about your experience the rules are in the 8/7/13 posting. Would love to hear what you think of the game!

My plans for adding onto Home Wreckers is to have 2 seperate versions. One version, can use a standard deck of playing cards and have the same rule set. This game is free to any one that wants to try it out , just need to print out a rule sheet if needed. 

The second version of the game adds an expansion pack to the standard set of playing cards that really boosts the interactions between players. The new cards will be geared towards mid turn intteruptions, bulldozing and deflecting each others attack. There is also a seperate deck cards that modifies each round. These modifiers can be, cashing in houses is double this round, every person gets an extra community cards, or EARTHQUAKE all houses collapse. Since these are new cards I will have to print the whole deck out so player's can not easly spot the expansion cards. 

Look forward to this new version soon, but please let me know what you think of the current one!


Home Wreckers (2 - 5 Players) 

Play as warring real estate developers as you build up homes and bulldoze your competitions in an all out land grab. Score points with each finished home you complete. You can also create bull dozers to knock down other player's developing homes. The first person that reaches the score goal wins!

Materials Needed 

1 Standard Deck of Playing Cards (Include Jokers as well) 

1 Piece of Paper 

1 Pen 

How to Play 

The goal is to score 400 points to win.

To score points players construct 4 matching suite cards to create a house like this 

the player can cash this house in and score on their turn

                           this home would be 30 (the sum of the cards) * 2 (height of the house) = 60 points

or the player can hold onto this house and add another level to score more points like this 

this is a 3 story home, they can go up to 5 stories, (they must have an even amount of cards to cash out)

                         this home is worh : 41 (sum of the total cards) * 3 (the amount of levels) = 123 points

To construct a bulldozer

Players can use 3 face cards to knock down any current establishment being built on their turn. (all cards go into the discard pile) 

here is an example of a bulldozer

(note Face cards can also be used in constructing homes, they all cost 10 points) 

Now  set up and play. 

  1. Shuffle your card deck, jokers included and pass out 2 cards face down to every player. 
  2. This is the start of your hidden player hand
  3. Oldest person starts the first turn. 
  4. Starting player draws 6 cards from the deck to start the community hand. 
  5. On the players turn, they can
  • Use 2 of the community cards wether that be - Putting a community card in their hidden hand --- Placing the card on the table to start or add onto a construct ---- or discard them.  (Hint community hand should be 4 cards at the end of their turn) 
  • The player can use any number of cards from their hidden hand during their turn. But their hidden hand can not exceed 3 cards at the end of their turn.
  • Players can set down any number of constructs, they must be visually seen on the table and grouped accordingly to their suite or seen as a bulldozer. 
  • Cash in on a Home built. With 4 or more cards (even number) the player can cash out with this formula (Sum of cards * Number of Levels) = Points earned (record this on a piece of paper) 
  • Send a bulldozer to destroy. With a bulldozer constructed the player targets one home being built by an opposing player and sends all cards of the home and bulldozer into the discard pile. 

        6. After all actions are finished, the player passes the community hand clockwise to the next              players turn. 

        7.New player grabs two more cards from the deck to add to the community hand (this should be 6 cards) 

         8. Repeat actions from above. Note if a home is "Cashed In" this refreshes the community hand for the next players turn. All cards go into the discard pile and new player redraws 6 cards to start it again. 

         9. If deck runs out of cards, reshuffle the discard pile 

         10. Player that reaches 400 points wins. 

Special Notes 

Joker cards can be substituted for any suite but has no value when cashed in. 


Let me know what you think and how your play test goes! 

Over time I will be tweaking these variables

  • Score Goal to Win
  • Should face cards only be used for creating buildozers 
  • Scoring logic for completing homes 


-----------------8/6/13------------------- Old

Hi everyone, my name is Richard Matey and I am very excited to share this learning experience with the group. 

Here is a breakdown of my current thoughts and directions I would like to pursue for my table top game. 

Design Goals 

-Deck Building Game - Recently I found a group to play some deck building games. Really enjoy the flow of the experience, low amount of choices to start with then ramping to complex combinations. 
-No Dice / Limited Randomness - Not a fan of dice. Love the Flight of Fantasy games and how they limit random values

-60 Minutes or Under to Play - Can be played in a lunch break

-Players Feel Creative - Want to have double crossing or A - HA ! Moments 

-Easy to Understand - 2 Minutes to Explain Base Rules -

So with that in mind I started coming up with these themes

 Video Game Studio Owner (2 - 5 Players) 

Collect tallent to add to your studio and purchase projects to make awesome games. Players also have to balance a burn rate and make smart decisions on which skills to develop. Players win after making the most money after 10 turns, players can also lose if they go bankrupt. 

Pros: I think it is very interesting manage a burn rate and how that is affected by how much skill you have. So having the highest talented studio is also the most dangerous to juggle. 

How it fits with Deck Building: Players purchase talent from the lineup (artist - programmers). Then use talent to buy projects from a seperate deck. 

90's Pro Wrestling Showdown  (2 - 5 Players) 

Play as a 90's pro wrestler and lay the smack down on your friends. Players buy moves like punches, blocks and throws from the line up, then choose to use them to purchase more cards or give damage to other players. The last person standing or the first to get a pin wins. 

Pros: Love the theme of 90's pro wrestling and how fun / light hearted it can be. Really would be interested to incorporate more Player Vs Player into Deck Building. 

How it fits with Deck Building: Players purchase moves from the line up which can later be used to buy more cards or deal damage to fellow players. 

Co op Heist Game (3 - 6 Players) 

Players load up on equipment to pull of a heist. With limited resources they need to team up with other players to take on a job. If they work together, they can both succed at the goal, but one person pulls out they can screw the other person over. 

Pros: Heist games are always fun to imagine. This game introduces some interchangable co - op per player turn that could make for very intersting dynamics.  

How it fits with Deck Building: Players buy equipment, then team up to take on boss cards. 

Here are some other ideas that I had that do not fit with the Deck Building 

-2008:A Game about the Recession 

Players start with a large deck of cards but lose it over time as money runs out and domino effects happen to card loss.This is not a deck building game, but a deck collapsing game. 

      What I like? Looks at deck building but almost rewinding the usual flow of the game, could be a really intersting experince. Could also shine the light on how a recession occurs. 

-Mansion Building 

Players piece together cards like puzzle pieces to make elaborate mansion layouts. The player with the most expensive layout by the time the card deck runs out wins. 

   What I like? This game can be similiar to Carcassone but instead of a group board being layed out it can be solo or per player based building. 

So those are my ideas so far. Let me know if anything catches your attention. All comments and critiques are welcomed. 


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