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Michelle Grace

Surface Pattern Designer



Home Sweet Sweet


Thank you Teela for this wonderful course! We all need a little extra sparkle in our lives!!

I followed Teela's instructions very carefully as I am more used to working in illustrator. I am a surface pattern designer who creates patterns and prints. I found this course really easy to understand and very well presented. 

Using my own hand-lettering and flower motifs I wanted to create something that could be used as a print  and a greetings card. I looked around my own home to decide what I would buy and tried to avoid quotes that could be copyrighted.

Here are some of my experiments!


Blue foil.


Turquoise glitter, as turquoise is my favourite colour.


Testing, testing!

I had a lot of fun with the glitter and foils and would love to use them more in my patterns! I would especially like to thank Teela for making me understand how to use the clone too! This is invaluable to me when I want to use textured backgrounds within patterns!


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