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Home Sweet Sofia... Bulgaria

I recently moved from New York City to Sofia, Bulgaria. Talk about a change of space!! It has been quite the change, from good ol’ America to Eastern Europe, but Sofia is truly a lovely place, an under-rated gem of a city. Beneath a patina of graffiti, the facade of Soviet era concrete crumbles, while at the same time buildings are being raised and built. The dichotomy of the rise and fall echoing that of the lifecycle of the city itself.

Here are bits of moments from my past few weeks. Enjoy!

All photos taken with my iPhone 5s and edited using the apps that the instructor recommended (combos of using Cortex Cam, Snapseed, PS Express, VSCOcam, Retouch)

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 Winter came early, a view of the wintery world just outside my window


Bulgaria has a beautiful nature, here you can see a view of the Vitosha Mountains far off in the distance.


My neighborhood near Doctors Garden is full of charming restaurants, a mecca of life within the city


Beneath a patina of graffiti, the facade of Soviet era concrete crumbles giving way to a beauty of textures


The hustle and bustle of Sofia is tame compared to NYC, but no less vibrant


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