Home Sweet Playhouse

Home Sweet Playhouse - student project


There are sooooo very many logos in the world and pieces in my portfolio that I'd love to rework, but I decided to rework an illustration of mine that needed subtle changes. The lettering that I did at the time was to someone else's taste and I've always hated it.

I wanted the illustration to be the star of the show and to have the lettering match style in a more appropriate way.  Also, I wanted it to be clean, but a little childlike since it is for Pee-wee's Playhouse. I went for a pencil/crayon type of texture, but chose not to make the lettering look like a child did it. Trying to not make it perfect, but not too messy was a tricky balance to strike. It was also reeeeeeeeally hard not to make it script (Hello, my name is Brittany, and I'm a scriptaholic). Jessica's note about children + script not going together well was helpful and saved me from myself


Hope you get some serious Playhouse nostalgia from this!


Old Version:

Home Sweet Playhouse - image 1 - student project


New Version:

Home Sweet Playhouse - image 2 - student project



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