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Home Made Jewelry: How to Make An Easy Leaf Shaped Pendant [ LAUNCHED !!! ]

Class title and description


Home Made Jewelry: How to Make An Easy Leaf Shaped Pendant

In this class I show you how to make a nature inspired leaf shape pendant from very inexpensive materials.

I start this class with the explanation of materials and tools used by me for creating the pendant. Then I walk you through the steps of making the pendant right from the sketch stage to the final painting stage.

This class requires no prior knowledge about jewelry making and hence anyone with an interest in jewelry, crafts, art, DIY things will find this class interesting.

For demonstration purpose, i have chosen a simple design for the pendant but you are free to create more intricate designs.

So, hit the enroll button and see you in the class!

Project title and description

After watching me make a pendant using few simple and inexpensive materials, I want you to do the following:

1. Sketch some designs of pendant you would like to make or wear. Then take a photo of these sketches and upload to the projects gallery in this class.

2. Make a pendant based on the design which you like the best and upload a photo of that pendant to the projects gallery.

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