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Home Is Wherever With You

Hi! I'm Neal Clement, from Tupelo, Mississippi. I go to school at Liberty University in Virginia. I am studying Finance and Environmental Biology (drastically different, I know :P ). I love the outdoors and travelling the country. I'm always on the move, or as much as I can being a student, so my phone comes in handy whenever I see someting interesting along the way. 

I recently started my journey into the world of photography. What first started from iphone photos just to bring back to my family, became an expression of art and creativity that I had never tapped into. Within the first few months it was exploring effects and filters; I enjoyed exploring all the neat possibilities that came along with them. I'm usually on my own travelling and in school, so it's nice to have photography to share my adventures! Now I have my first DLSR and working some with my phone! I'm addicted to photography, everywhere I go I look for shots to take. Here are some photos from my iphone 5 that I took from this past to summer until now. I want to learn more and become a better photographer through this class. I love seeing new inspiration from other photographers! It will be an amazing journey!

This is Yosemite Falls from this past summer. We didn't have time to get out of the car as we drove through the park but I was able to get some decent shots from inside my window. I used VSCOcam P5 filter on this photo and dropped the skin tone effect to it's lowest setting. 

This was a great bike trail in Mammoth, CA. I used VSCOcam M5 filter with this photo. 

Free fishing day at Lake Mary in Mammoth, CA! We had a blast and had some delicious trout that night. The men on the lake were sitting in chairs as they kicked around the lake. I used snapseed to do small edits and finished it off with VSCOcam P5 filter. 

This is it from California! More coming soon from the East coast! In the meantime, check out my feed http://instagram.com/nealclement 

Hope you enjoy it!


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