Home Is Where The Cat Is

Home Is Where The Cat Is - student project

Hey there!

So the first thing that came to my mind when asked to choose an animal was cats.
However I didn't want to just illustrate the word "CAT" I found this great phrase "Home Is Where The Cat Is." This defiantly means a lot to me. (I have 2 cats and being at home and having them around me makes me so happy)

The first image, I was so drawn to it because of it's colours and simplicity.
I thought about doing some sort of textured pattern on the letters to represent the Egyptian history, I went with the half circles to represent my cats obsession with tuna. I also thought that with creating the leaf pattern that could tie in somehow + also represent how cheeky cats are by hiding in bushes as they sneaky try to attack you

Home Is Where The Cat Is - image 1 - student project

Home Is Where The Cat Is - image 2 - student project

Home Is Where The Cat Is - image 3 - student project

Brainstorm + First Sketches

I have just roughly noted some words down, which relate to my references above.
The first thing I thought about when sketching out the letters was how plush my cats are, and maybe adding this fluffy effect to my letters, but as I progressed on, I decided I wanted something clean and neat to represent how elegant & smooth they are.
There was one type style I was drawn too which looked like little chicken bones on the end and this was something I really wanted to explore because my small black cat, her thigh and leg look very much like little chicken drumsticks to me haha.

Home Is Where The Cat Is - image 4 - student project

Thumbnail Sketches 

Home Is Where The Cat Is - image 5 - student project

Final Sketch

I decided to carry on with the top middle thumbnail, however incorporate the first reference somehow.
I also wanted to go with this simple, cavemen type of lettering, to make it feel more tribal (sort of like it was carved into the stone)

Home Is Where The Cat Is - image 6 - student project

Final Piece

So as you can see I have added more details and changed the font on the "home" & "where."
I am more confident free drawing with the brush tool & a mouse than I am with a real pencil haha. I wish it was the other way around.
So I had to get rid of the tracing layer in Illustrator and just go with what worked. I really thought that this new font for "home" & "where"had some sort of tribal feel which tied into the leaves really well.
I also found that the colour palette of the first reference really didn't work and went with something that was a little bit brighter

Home Is Where The Cat Is - image 7 - student project


Supriya Ramlu
Illustrator // Card Maker