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24 years ago, I started making my rainbow. 

I was a driven, overachieving, award-winning television creative, who talked a mile a minute, forgot to break the crew for lunch, and was sure I knew everything. At 33. Life was good. Or at least, it was busy. I was about to learn how much I didn't know.

July 18, 1989. That was the day it started. 

Fast forward.....

I suddenly have four young adults that look a lot like my best friend and I. They have begun their voyages.

One commercial artist...


one chef

one biologist

and a honeybee advocate.

"You're kids are so creative," People say. They have walked a harsh, cruel, amazing path through life. Always taking that road less travelled. Always swimming upstream. It's been heartbreaking to be their mother. And humbling. And educational. 

The world is big, and wonderful, and troubled. That is something I've learned from them. As they go off to their horizons...

A brand new, different me is out in the field. Ready to go. 

What I know now is,

the world is important.

And worth taking care of.

There is imagination everywhere if you only know how to find it.

There is no reason not to tap into your "happy place", at least once a day, all the days. If you know how to find it.

Things are hard, but solutions are always around the corner, if you know how to find it.

We are all responsible for making our orbit worthwhile. And Happy. 

Surroundings DO matter. Sourcing DOES matter. If we only knew where to find it. 

My new field throws a lasso around all I've learned since those days 24 years ago when I thought I knew everything. Work is hard, but it can get done. Answers are real, you just have to know where to look. People are maddening, and fascinating, and we could all use each other's help. Be fearless about connecting. 

I'm on a mission to help, to share, to source goods, services and solutions that make life better, and take care of this amazing planet.

Let's use what we've got. Furnish our orbit to help us smile. Make things happen. Get things done. And never stop developing connections to Local.

Ready. Set.  

Oh - inspiration? I honestly don't know from rappers, or anything very edgy. I do know that the character Adam Braverman, on the show "Parenthood", is a pretty magnificent example of living full out, even when it gets hard. And remembering what matters, and always, always moving forward.....even if the next step is scarier than hell. 

Always look. Under the rocks, through the window, into the eyes of a stranger. The next move is there, plain as day. 


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