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Home Bar Advantage

Ever want to watch your team's game, but work sends you traveling?  Move to a new city and trying to find a bar where the patrons aren't hostile (That's ME!)?  Want to show how much better your team's bar is than your rival's bar?


I want to create a check-in based web app, that layers over a user's sports team fanhood on top of venues (foursquare). This will allow users to:

  • show support for your team
  • learn where to watch your team in your city & others
  • meet new people in your area who are ALSO fans of your team
  • compete in contests/competitions with your fellow fans against your rivals team (i.e. most check-ins at your team's bar).

Why do I want to build this?  I was looking for a great place to watch a Rutgers game in San Francisco. Aside from a few Yelp comments, I couldn't find a resource that informed me where I could do this.  This would solve the need (as well as help make friends in new cities when travelling).

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Thanks!

Note: This may be best created as a foursquare app. We'll see where this idea takes me.


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