"Home" (Albatross - Dawn - Brick)

"Home" (Albatross - Dawn -  Brick) - student project


The three words I got were: Albatross, Dawn and Brick.

I spent alot (too much) time selecting videos. As you can imagine, videos for brick and dawn were fairly uninteresting.

But I finally settled on these:

1. Tears of an Albatross - A video about an Albatross found at shore with a plastic bottle in its stomach.

The sound bites you hear in the video are from there.

2. Horizon Zero Dawn -  A video game trailer. I used clips.

3. A video where this mans makes a miniature brick house.

I reversed the video to depict the destruction of a home.

Which is the story of my video. The destruction of our home, our planet.

Side note - I did cheat a little. I just couldn't find any audio to tie everything together. So I threw in a backing track. (sorry!) 

This also happened to be my first time using Premier Pro, so I was also learning the software as I made this video.

This took me a total of 12 hours ( yeesh, its a 1min video).

But Im very happy. I learned alot!

Loved your course Penny.

Manasvi Singh
Designer | Illustrator