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Homage to the 'Observatory'

STEP 1: Ilustration

Inspired by the 'Observatory' project by Marcus Melin I tried to develop it into a cinematographic story, drawing the house were a possible main character could live. Colours and style are kept as good as I could.


STEP 2: Animation

I did some minor adjustments in the design (windows and entrance). Once I had the time I went straight ahead to the animation.

I must admit, I was a bit in a hurry. Submitting on the last day and with a lot of work. There could have been much more detail. Also, I don't like the timing very much, especially at the beginning. There should be some kind of anticipation I think. Any ideas?


Sunday morning and I finally had some time to do an alternative version. I think it is way better with a lot more dynamic and somehow more alive. What do you think?



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