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Holy Toledo!

When I tried to go through the litany of suggestions and fave phrases, I drew a blank.  Took a walk to consider whether this was going to be the end of my project.  How sad--ending before it began!

But thank goodness I'm such an eavesdropper.  It's the best thing about walking around in public.  People are weirdos--for the most part, charming and loveable weirdos.  

Unit 1: Brainstorming & Phrase

Case in point: the eventual choice for my quote was overheard after a man expressed surprise about some scandalous argument or money-related facts--"Holy Toledo!!!"  

What a funny phrase--I don't know it's origin or why it's stuck in everyday vernacular.  But it *is* catchy.  Anyway, here are my initial brainstorming word associations:

  • holiness/religion
  • lettering associated with early Christian art/Anglo-Saxon art
  • Ohio
  • Beer
  • baseball
  • cars
  • "the rust belt" (rust color will likely be in composition)
  • prayer
  • halos
  • industry/metal work
  • crosses
  • corn
  • floods
  • Lake Erie
  • Capital?
  • gravel roads
  • gates of heaven
  • angels
  • clouds
  • golden
  • blue
  • hills
  • rays of light
  • flames
  • doves
  • pigeons 
  • tattoos (religious)
  • thick lines
  • element of surprise
  • hidden elements in designs (Anglo-Saxon "fear of the void")




I like how Anglo-Saxon art tends to provide visual suprises, and the element of surprise should be a vital part of this design.  So...I'm think of what "elements" would be Ohioan or fitting suprises.

Here's a Pinterest typography design that embodies what I sort of want to achieve eventually--only simpler:

      So, a the "O" in "Holy" could be a golden halo.  The "H" could be um....any thoughts?  The "L" would be some Anglo-Saxon animal--most likely a snake!  Quasi-religious references rule!  Just help me out on the H and the Y, people!


religious tattoo idea


File:Meister des Evangeliums des Grimbald 001.jpg

Unit 2: Warm-up progress shots

More fun with fonts....slowly covering them all....Fancy Serif was tough but looks best in my opinion....the shape got my brain working in a different manner, which was good.

Ornate is my fave so far:

more to come....

So, finally got some time to finish up the warm-up AND do an initial image for the overall design.  

For some reason, I thought about gaudy Vegas-style imagery for the phrase....

Detail shot, yo:

I think I've found the magical "megachurchy" font that I have been seeking out: 

And I believe an Ohio state outline will be better for the shape--the kidney bean just isn't "church"-y enough.  Ohio is.  I should know--I went to grad school there ;)


Was working with imagery from early Christian stained glass stuff, and that image obove that displays sheep and cross icon.  

I sort of like the heavy linework that a stained glass image would require but am worried that it might overpower the lettering.  I will flesh it out more....looking forward to some feedback!

Here another image (traced the cherub and added the Ohio idea) with rearranged lettering and different composition.  Sort of like this one better.

I am thinking of making the T-O-L-E-D-O sort of drop down comic/graphic novel style, which would form a sort of loose vertical line along the right-hand side.  Thoughts?

Outline shape change to religious art oval tradition....decided to go with comic book style lettering for the exclamation mark at end (which I decided to include yesterday).

Finalizing the drawing:

Spent some time this week on finalizing it and making it more cohesive (conceptually)--hope it reads well. 

It's a cherub at center, and supposed to appear to be flying out of Ohio.  Might do a bit more black ink around right edge (maybe left).

Lots of fun with the process--thanks!

Detail shots in less-than-awesome lighting....


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