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Holy Sexy Bastards Poster Project

I finished one of the draft with full details. though I might've skipped a few things like posting my progress here.

This is actuallly my first time making a poster for a band that has started in Venezuela. Here are my first 3 sketches for their 2013 US tour This is for fun. I am not associated  with the band just so you know.

This 1st draft is the use of Holy Sexy Bastards Logo as the main object on the background. and using the logo again to replace the 0 in 2014, though i made a mistake and wrote 2014 instead of 2014.

2nd draft is a bit simpler. 

I rarely draw and this made me laugh after looking at it. But I wanted to use a picture that I have taken from them when I went to one of their shows. this past month.


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