Kate Rowland

Illustrator in Tokyo



Holy S**t! Is that the ocean?

Afternoon all,

I had a few phrases and quotes in mind, but eventually settled on this... (sorry if any offence is caused by the language)

'Holy Shit! Is that the ocean?'

It's from one of my favourite comedy shows, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, said by Charlie after he lays eyes on the ocean for the first time in his life. It makes me laugh so much and reminds me of how I used to feel when seeing the sea for the first time during summer holidays - excited and amazed! 

I thought it would be great to try and work with some fantastic British seaside-themed imagery (I've been looking at lots of vintage train advertisements from the 50s and 60s, with fantastic phrases such as 'Avoid the strain - take the train!'). I might draw some ice creams too. Let's see!

Any tips or feedback would be brilliant of course :) 



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